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Living for Something

Left to Right: Stella Burnett, Stephanie Robinson, Bob Speelman

March 13, 2020

NOTE: This was taken from the blog of Foundations Health Solutions leader Bob Speelman. Each week Bob works at one of our Foundations Health facilities in different roles. Whether working in housekeeping or as a nursing assistant, he sees firsthand how we embody the vision of our founder and nursing home developer, Brian Colleran, to be "A Culture of Care."

Cincinnati, Ohio - 
I spent the day at Siena Gardens Rehabilitation & Transitional Care, our 99-bed facility in Southeast Cincinnati. Stella Burnett is the administrator there and is doing a wonderful job. I was lucky enough to work alongside a tremendous STNA by the name of Stephanie Robinson. Stephanie is 49 years old and has been an STNA since 2008. Stephanie is one of the most caring and compassionate people you will ever meet. Her residents absolutely adore her and told me she is "so considerate. She makes sure everything is done well. She makes sure I'm well taken care of."

I asked Stephanie where her compassion for caring for others came from, and she said, "I've kind of always liked caring for others, especially the elderly. I try to show them empathy and try to always put myself in their shoes. I know they aren't my grandparents, but they are someone's grandparents - and I want to make sure I give them the best care possible."

"It's not enough to have lived.

We should be determined to live for something.

May I suggest that it be creating joy for others,

sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind,

bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely."

Leo Buscaglia

In my time with Stephanie, I saw someone who was living to help our seniors. Someone who was determined to make a difference, to create joy, and bring love to those she cared for. Stephanie is someone living our Culture of Care. I left Siena Gardens so proud to have Stephanie as part of our Care Team!

Bob Speelman, STNA

Each week, Bob Speelman visits a Foundations Health Solutions nursing home. He works alongside a variety of departments to ensure Foundations Health is excelling in the vision of founder Brian Colleran's "Culture of Care." Foundations Health continues to practice the principles nursing home developer Brian Colleran instilled, such as resident and family satisfaction, positive employee culture, and investment in the community.

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